World Quality Day

Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage

8th November 2012



Dear Quality Professionals

Celebrating World Quality Day

The concept of having World Quality Day was introduced by the United Nations in 1990s to increase awareness on the important contribution that quality makes towards a nation’s and an organisation’s growth and prosperity. The World Quality Day is celebrated on the 2nd Thursday of every November. This year the World Quality Day will be celebrated on 8th November 2012 with the theme “Quality: Delivering Competitive Advantage”. The World Quality Day gives an opportunity to organisations to celebrate their achievements and show how quality approaches can make a tangible impact on business.


We at Quality Council of India consider your organisation as our Partner to promote quality awareness in the country. It would go long way if you organise few events, which promote quality in work place and may be even in daily life.


In this context we are happy to share with you a few tips and ideas to celebrate World Quality Day.

  • A talk by Chief Executive affirming organisation’s commitment to quality and dedication to delighting customers & employees.
  • A display in the entrance to the organisation with a banner/poster announcing World Quality Day.
  • Have some kind of competition for your employees (e.g. quiz on quality) and recognise them as quality practitioners in the workplace.
  • Display Quality Quotes on notice board and website.
  • On World Quality Day greet others wishing them a happy world quality day.
  • Arrange for a similar greeting to be used by your board operator(s).
  • Distribute Quality Pledge Cards to your employees.


The above are only indicative ones and you may wish to ask your employees to submit ideas regarding celebration of World Quality Day in a manner appropriate to your organisation. You can offer token prizes for the best ideas.


We also wish that you encourage your customers and suppliers celebrate World Quality Day.

Needless to say QCI will be thankful to you if you keep us posted about your activities on World Quality Day.


Wish you all A Happy Quality Day


Avik Mitra

Advisor - NBQP


K.C. Mehra

Chairman - NBQP

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