10th QCI - D.L. Shah Quality Award

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The Awards will be presented during 11th National Quality Conclave (August 19th/20th, 2016) of QCI at New Delhi amongst an august gathering.

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Late Mr. D. L. Shah, the founder of D.L. Shah Trust, was born in June 1907. Mr. D.L .Shah was a man of vision, an industrialist of repute & a noted philanthropist. He made a tremendous contribution to the Indian Industry in general, and the Machine Tool Industry in particular. From early days, Mr. Shah was concerned with the Industrial progress of India. In 1920s, he started imports of goods required for use in India. In 1947, India became independent. Mr. Shah foresaw that as a developing nation, India would need to build a strong industrial base ; and modern machine tools would be an integral part of its foundation. He started Perfect Machine Tools Company (PMT) and represented several European manufacturers of machine tools. In mid-1950's he started representing Traub of Germany, and in early 1960's, the Group entered into collaboration with Traub for manufacturing their machines in India. Thereafter, the group entered into several other collaborations with European manufacturers for manufacturing various machine tools, and enhanced its contribution to the Indian Industry. For some years, Mr. D.L. Shah held the post of President of the Indian Machine Tools Manufacturers Association, and Machine Tools Marketing Association of India.


Mr. D.L. Shah believed in ' Quality as a philosophy ' in all spheres of life.

He promoted world-class quality culture in the country , and envisioned that ' Made in India ' would be a respected brand world over. He worked tirelessly & determinedly towards this objective. Along with other reputed industrialists, he initiated formation of National Centre of Quality Management ( NCQM) . He was instrumental in setting up the CMTI-PMT Trust , for promoting research & development in the field of machine tools , manufacturing technologies , and to encourage design talent in this field. For the past number of years, the CMTI-PMT Trust's Award is awarded in every IMTEX exhibition, and is considered to be a very prestigious one in the industry. Mr. D.L. Shah organized setting up the ' PMT Centre for Quality Management' at Bhagubhai Mafatlal Technical Institute at Vile Parle , Mumbai. Through D.L. Shah Trust , founded & run by him till his demise, he published & distributed free-of-charge a number of books on Quality, Productivity & ISO, as well as other book of significance. CMTI-PMT Trust's Awards are also supported financially by D.L. Shah Trust.

Mr. D.L. Shah's untiring work, and his invaluable services in the field of industry, international trade and quality got wide recognition , and he received several Awards.


About DL Shah Trust

Mr. D.L.Shah founded this Trust in 1994. The objectives of the Trust are quite wide, some of which are evident from the Trust's name itself. Through activities related to diverse fields, it is the endevour of the Trust to improve the 'Quality of Life' of fellow humans in India. As mentioned earlier , the Trust has published a number of books on Quality , Productivity & ISO , Standards on Quality , and distributed them free-of-charge to organisations , institutions and professionals. Over the years, thousands of copies of such books have been distributed, and form a valued trove of reference for the recipients. This work is still continuing at the Trust. The Trust also provides financial assistance to NGOs and other institutions , who are working in the field of quality & other fields. Several donations to , as well as activities in association with , NGOs are regularly under consideration/process.


QCI – D.L. Shah Quality Awards

"An opportunity for organizations to showcase their best-practices on quality excellence and share their success stories ".

Quality Council of India is pleased to invite applications for the 10th Cycle of QCI – D.L. Shah Quality Awards. The QCI-DL Shah Quality Awards have been instituted with a view to promote awareness that performance improvement through quality initiatives is an important element for gaining a competitive edge. The Award recognises successful projects (in the form of case studies) of an organisation that have resulted in continuous improvement of products and/or services, better and effective operations as well as increased customers/stakeholders satisfaction. The awards are given for specific projects which have to be submitted in the form of case studies.

The awards will be given to deserving projects from any sector. It is an open competition for all sectors together and there are no sector specific award for Projects. All sectors will be considered at par however the evaluation of Micro & Small industries will be done on a different scale.


For more information, visit www.dlshahtrust.org

About D.L. Shah Trust