Professional Membership Scheme

of Quality Council of India

Membership fee structure

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Membership Type Category Proposed Fee
Organisational (Corporate) Corporate Small (Turnover up 10 Crores) Rs. 5,000/- annual
Corporate Medium (Turnover up 10 – 100 Crores) Rs. 10,000/- annual
Corporate Large (Turnover above 100 Crores) Rs. 20,000/- annual
Hospital Small Hospital (up to 50 Beds) Rs. 5,000/- annual
Medium Hospital (50 – 200 Beds) Rs. 10,000/- annual
Big Hospital (above 200 Beds) Rs. 20,000/- annual
Education School Rs. 1,000/- annual
College Rs. 2,000/- annual
Higher / Professional Institute Rs. 5,000/- annual
NGO’s   Rs. 2,000/- annual
Full member (Quality Practitioner with 5 years experience) Rs. 1,500/- annual
Life Member (Quality practitioner with 5 years experience) Rs. 10,000/- (one time)
Fellow (By Invitation only) Nil

Duplicate Card fees           Rs.250

Duplicate Certificate fees   Rs.250

From 1st June 2016, Organizations/Individuals making payment to QCI are requested to add Service Tax Charge @ 15% on the fees mentioned. Fees received without Service Tax will not accepted