Quality Kaizen Implementation Competition

Quality Kaizen Implementation Competition

Upto 3500 Character only

Provide Supporting images depicting situation before Kaizen Implemetation

Provide Supporting images depicting situation after Kaizen Implemetation

Theme - "Digital way to Quality life"

Guidelines for Kaizen Implementation

  • Organizations/Institutes to submit photographs and videos online stating how they have improved, standardized or excelled in their activities/process/productivity within their organization by following this approach.
  • Contestants can submit before and after photographs clearly depicting the improvement in the organization/Institute. One can also upload a small video (not more than 15 seconds) for the same.
  • Image/videos should be supported by benefits achieved clearly stating how the organization has achieved performance excellence and what quality tools they have used to achieve the same.
  • For online submissions, participants will receive an email confirmation that the application was received.