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QCI Secrétariat

It manages the administrative, financial as well as the technical functions as authorized by the Governing Body from time to time.

HR & Admin

Names of the important Office bearers

  Name Designation Email
1. Mr. Adil Zainulbhai Chairperson adil_zainulbhai@qcin.org
2 Dr. Ravi P. Singh Secretary General sg@qcin.org
3 Mr. Rajesh Maheshwari CEO,NABCB ceo.nabcb@qcin.org
4 Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar CEO,NABH ceo@nabh.co
5 Mr. C K Biswas CEO,NBQP ceo.nbqp@qcin.org
6 Dr. Manish kumar Jindal CEO,NABET ceo.nabet@qcin.org
7 Mr. N. Venkateswaran CEO, NABL ceo@nabl.qcin.org
8 Dr. Manish Pande Director (HOD, PADD) manish.pande@qcin.org
9 Mr. Anil Relia In charge , PPID arelia@qcin.org
10 Mr. Alok Jain Director,(HOD, TCB Cell) ajain@nabl.qcin.org
11 Mr. Ranvijay Bihari Deputy Director,(HOD, e-Quest) ranvijay.nabet@qcin.org
12 Dr. Hari Prakash Director, PPID(CPIO) hari@qcin.org
13 Mr. H. B. Chawla Technical expert, F&A hbchawla@qcin.org
14 Mr. Kuldeep Kaul Principal Advisor (In-charge F&A) kuldeep@qcin.org
15 Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra Joint Director, (HOD, RACB) skm.nabet@qcin.org
16 Mr. Sanjay Singh HOD,M & PC sanjay@qcin.org
17 Dr. Aishvarya Raj Sr. Director, (HOD, ZED) raj.zed@qcin.org
18 Mr. Vikram Jindal Advisor, IT, Cell jindal.vikram@gmail.com
19 Dr. Aradhana Chopra Director (Hr &Admin Incharge) and Chief Ethics Officer (Ethics cell) aradhna.nabet@qcin.org
20 Ms. Kanika Sethi Administrative officer Kanika.sethi@qcin.org

Powers & Functions of Authorities


The Chairperson, QCI is a non-executive head of the organization and Chairs the Governing Council and the Governing Body of QCI
(details mentioned in clause 2.1 of S & F Manual).

Secretary General

• The Secretary General shall act as the Member Secretary of the Society as per the provision of the Societies Registration Act.
• The Secretary General shall function as the Chief Executive Officer of Quality Council of India and shall have all the executive powers to supervise and manage the technical, administrative and financial functions of the Council as per the rules of Council.
• The Secretary General shall, subject to the provisions of rules and decisions of the Governing Body, exercise general supervision and administrative control over the officers and staff of QCI including delineating their duties and functions.
• The Secretary General shall coordinate and exercise professional leadership in respect of all activities of QCI.
• The Secretary General shall be the appointing authority for various positions in QCI.
The Secretary General may also delegate his/her powers to officers subordinate to him/her for administrative, financial, legal matters and other issues, as and when the need arises or it is considered absolutely necessary


Each board is headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for its technical and administrative functions.

Disciplinary and Appellate Authorities

Categories of Officers/Staff of QCI Disciplinary Authority (DA) Appellate Authority (AA)
Below the level of CEO / HOD CEO / HOD Secretary General
CEO / HOD Secretary General Chairperson
Secretary General Chairperson, QCI Governing Body

Finance & Accounts

It Administers the work related to Finance and Accounts of QCI including its Boards.

Salary Structure

RTI cell

As per the provisions of RTI Act, QCI has constituted RTI Cell mandated with the following activities:
• Coordinate all the work relating to implementation of RTI Act in QCI.
• Serve as the nodal point for receiving applications and appeals physically as well as online and forward it to the concerned Board / Division / Department / Appellate Authority within QCI.
• Serve as the nodal point for sending reply against the application / appeal after receiving the required information from concerned Board / Division / Department.
• Coordinate matters relating to Central Information Commission (CIC) in terms of hearing, orders and other matters related to QCI.
• Any other work related to the RTI Act.

The composition of the cell is as under

Dr. R. P. Singh, Secretary General Appellate Authority sg@qcin.org
Dr. Hariprakash, Director, PPID-QCI CPIO hari@qcin.org
Sh. Jagminder Kataria, Deputy Director Assistant CPIO jagminder.nabet@qcin.org
Ms. Shilpa Khanna, AO, NABET-QCI Supporting hand shilpa.nabet@qcin.org

Ethics Cell

The cell functions as independent entity and reports to SG, QCI. The composition of the cell is as under :
1. Dr. Aradhana Chopra - Chief Ethics Officer
2. Ms. Smita Bharti - Law Officer
3. Mr. Sanjeev Kumar - Support staff
4. Ms. Manju Sharma - Support staff

ICC for Sexual Harassment

QCI has constituted internal complaints committee to address to the matters related to sexual harassment at workplace. The composition of the committee is as under;
1. Dr. Gayatri Mahindroo,Principal Advisor, NABH –Chairperson
2. Ms. Madhu Ahluwalia, Sr. Advisor, NABET – Member
3. Ms. Mallika Gope, Director, NABL – Member
4. Dr. Hariprakash, Director, PPID – Member
5. Dr. Aparna Dhawan, Joint Director, NABCB – Member
6. Ms. Nidhi Batra, Junior Associate, PPID - Member
7. Ms. Manju Bagai, Legal Consultant - Expert Member
8. Dr. Aradhana Chopra, Chief Ethics Officer- Convenor

Grievance Redressal Mechanism

The objective of Grievance Redressal is to provide an easily accessible machinery to ensure expeditious settlement of grievances of employees and also recommend preventive action to minimise grievances of employees.

'Grievance' for the purpose of these rules would only mean:

(i) a grievance arising out of the implementation of the policies/rules or decisions of the organisation.
(ii) matters of individual nature like those relating to leave, increment, acting arrangements, non-extension of benefits under rules, interpretation of Service Rules, etc.

Matters falling in the following areas shall not be covered by the Grievance Redressal Mechanism under these rules:

(i) Annual Performance Appraisals/Confidential Reports
(ii) Promotions including CRC minutes & decisions; probation; confirmation; absorption
(iii) General issues pertaining to fringe benefits
(iv) Disciplinary action taken under Conduct, Discipline & Appeal Rules of QCI
(v) Cases relating to vigilance, security and termination of service
(vi) Matters of training
(vii) Grievances arising out of discharge or dismissal of an employee
Details presented in S& F Manual ( clause7.12)

Important Notices/Circulars

Minutes of GC

Minutes of GB

Statement of the categories of documents held or under control