Sarpanch Samvaad

Date & Location- 14TH JUNE 2023

With the aim of ‘Bringing Quality into the DNA of the people’, QCI, through the Sarpanch Samvaad initiative plans to instil a sense of ‘quality consciousness’ at the grassroot level. The project aims to assist the rural local bodiessuch aspanchayats to bring about a transformative change at the Gram level.
QCI, in collaboration with the local authorities and representatives, is developing targeted quality interventions spanning the domains of fund utilisation for various Government schemes, identification of best practices with respect to service delivery and empowerment of local leaders.

The project also aims to develop a dashboard and portal for all the Sarpanchs in the country which will act as a unified data repository and all provide them a medium for communication, knowledge transfer and sharing of best practices.  

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