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Guiding Steps for New User:- Template of Application Form

  1. Each Organization shall be treated as one user.
  2. For the first time an organization has to register itself as a new user.
  3. For registration, please give official/ communication email id.
  4. The organization can get registered with a unique email id & password and the registration information will be sent to this email id.
  5. Post-registration the portal automatically logs in and allows to fill up the Application form.
  6. The user may go ahead and fill the forms, Save/Submit it or log out and revisit the portal later.

Guiding Steps for Existing / Registered User:-

  1. If the user / organization is already registered, then click on registered user.
  2. Please note that if the user had not logged out in the last session, then the portal will automatically maintain the login status and navigates the user directly on Application Form.
  3. Click on Application Form and proceed.

Please Note :

  1. All entries will only be accepted online.
  2. Please read the "About the Award" carefully before filling up the Forms.
  3. With the same login, one organization can submit a max of 3 projects.