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Engineering Conservation of Earthquake affected stone masonry palace and temple at Morvi,Gujarat | Structwel
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(October 22, 2018)


Why And How This Project Is Selected For The Application  Of The QCI Awards

  • Wagh Mandir is a 100 years old monument. 

  • Constructed as a palace & later used as a Government office.

  • Badly & sadly devastated in the earthquake of 2001.

  • Cost of reconstruction would be close to 1000 crores.

  •  Repairs and conservation was the only option hence.

  • Quality of repairs/retrofitting & conservation was of utmost importance.

  • Several innovative & new techniques were deployed.

  • Non -  availability of data on construction /drawings etc. was a challenge.

  • The QA plan had to be dynamic in nature, hence.

  •  The project was selected considering its complexity, innovation, uniqueness, challenges & social impact.           


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