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Catheter Reprocessing System
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(October 22, 2018)

An Introduction:

Catheter Reprocessing System (CRS, Patent Applied):

CRS is an automatic angiography and angioplasty catheter cleaning machine which is developed to use at Hospitals. It is a catheter cleaning process which does not standardized cleaning quality and is also prone to human errors. CRS is a cost-effective & quality assured way of a reprocessing catheter to make treatment cost-effective. It automates the entire manual cleaning process to avoid infection and also eliminates human error. An automation over conventional manual method of 

According to WHO,

“Cardiovascular diseases (i.e. Heart, Brain are the number 1 cause of death globally, killing 17.5 million people every year”. According to the World Bank, 82% of these deaths occur in middle- & lower-income group because of very expensive treatment. India has the highest number of patients (32 Million) with 67% of the population living in poverty, and Vascular Diseases) 

“People are dying because they cannot treatment The GRAND CHALLENGE is How to make it affordable and save millions of poor lives?