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A Proactive Approach to Zero Garbage School
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(January 2, 2019)

Zero Garbage School means a school which shoulders the responsibility of managing
on their own the waste generated by it, instead of depending on the municipality. This project
describes how the students are taught the segregation, pre-recycling procedures and
composting in order to accomplish successful waste management. It also emphasizes
the social responsibility of the school by explaining how the benefits from such waste
management practices are passed over to the underprivileged section of society. This
project emphasizes the power of education as a tool of social change as the students
of today are going to be tomorrow’s citizens.
The project shows the various channels of recycling of paper, plastic, aluminum and
electronic waste including composting the same involving the students and teachers
both in the process. Through this project, the students are taught the importance of 3 R
principle of waste management. Indirectly the project also targets the problem of dirty
surroundings and water logging near the school premises.

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