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Newsprint Waste Reduction by Application of Scientific Problem Solving (PDCA)
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(January 2, 2019)

Newsprint is the major cost contributor among all consumables in newspaper printing
process accounting for more than 80% of the consumables cost. The average Newsprint
waste percentage is 3.61 at TOI Sahibabad plant against the consumption of 182804
Metric tons. Any reduction in newsprint waste percentage will generate huge financial
savings for the organization.
Initially, after identification of the problem, a Continuous Improvement Group – Newsprint
(CIG- NP) was formed to reduce all categories of Newsprint waste by using the PDCA
cycle to identify opportunities for improvement.
Data analysis was carried out with the help of different statistical tools. After Pareto
analysis, it was found that Print, Reel-end and Tear-off wastes are the major contributors
of Newsprint waste. To know different causes leading to Print waste, a Cause and effect
diagram was prepared. Similarly, 5 why analysis helped to determine the root causes for
Reel-end waste and Tear-off waste.
Control charts were used to monitor the progress and the team tried to eliminate all
assignable causes. Finally, the values were monitored with I-MR charts to see whether
the process lies between specified limits.
This case study would trace the journey in the reduction
of newsprint waste from 3.61 %
to 3.19%.

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