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Nirmal Hospital Private Limited || Decreasing Discharge Time in a Hospital by Application of HMIS
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(January 2, 2019)

Weak HIMS (Health Information Management System) software hampers the productivity
of a hospital badly. The huge amount of information generated in hospitals is of no use if
not captured and analyzed properly to increase productivity and patient satisfaction.
Effective strategies must be in place for implementing proper HIMS so that there is
better coordination between different departments and it decreases the Discharge time
as it is the final step in the hospital experience and is likely to be well remembered by
the patient. Slow or unpredictable discharge translates into a reduction in effective bed
capacity and admission process delays. The case study presents herewith modification
and implementation of certain changes in the existing software and integration of all
the medical and operational modules of the software like Pathology, Radiology, Patient
Care and Billing and also certain changes made in the Discharge process.
The effectiveness of the modified software has been tested on the workflow by comparing
outcomes between the pre-implementation control group and the post-implementation
experimental group. The implementation of the software resulted in the drastic decrease
in discharge time and resulted in increased patient satisfaction and a decrease in the
number of payment defaulters. 

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