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(February 22, 2019)

After the launch of the National Health Mission (NHM), there has been a substantial increase in the number of institutional deliveries. However, this increase in the numbers has not resulted in commensurate improvements in the key maternal and newborn health
indicators. It is estimated that approximately 46% maternal deaths, over 40% stillbirths and 40% of newborn deaths take place on the day of the delivery. A transformational change in the processes related to the care during the delivery, which essentially relates to intrapartum and immediate postpartum care, is required to achieve tangible results within a short period of time. Prerequisite
of such an approach would also hinge upon the health system’s preparedness for prompt identification and management of maternal and newborn complications. Delivery of such transformed care would not only need availability of adequate infrastructure, functional & calibrated equipment, drugs & supplies & HR but also meticulous adherence to clinical protocols by the service providers at the health


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