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Quality Management in Public Health Facilities-An Implementation handbook
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(February 22, 2019)

This handbook is best used as a training manual for healthcare functionaries and hospital management to assist them in developing strong management practices for effec􀆟ve and efficient healthcare services to the community through public health facilities. The National Rural Health Mission (NRHM) thrust is on strengthening public health systems. Considerable investment is being made under NRHM to improve health infrastructure and human resources. By inves􀆟ng a bit more in Quality Management System (QMS), the department would be ensuring commensurate outcomes in return for these investments. The experience of the public health sector has been that there is no appreciable increase in patient satisfaction, or in health outcomes despite recurring expenditure. The main reasons for this have been the lack of a systems approach - as one or the other essential component of the system is missing, or there is a lack of motivation and leadership. Putting a QMS in place is likely to ensure that these constraints are addressed in parallel to the major additional investments being made.


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