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Quality Assurance in Primary Health Centers
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(February 22, 2019)

‘Primary Health Care’ is a pivotal part of any Health system. More than six decades ago, in 1946
Sir Joseph Bhore had brought out the requirement of having a comprehensive Public Health System,
under which one Primary Health Centre was meant to cater to needs of the population of around
40000.. The Bhore Committee also recommended integration of preventive, promotive and
curative services at all administrative levels. The Alma Ata declaration in 1978 also recommended
that a ‘Comprehensive Primary Healthcare’ is essential for achieving the universal target of ‘Health
for All’. 
Need of ensuring delivery of comprehensive Primary Health Care through appropriate
institutional framework has been consistently articulated by National and International bodies
and organizations. The World Health Report 2008 published by the World Health Organisation
titled “Primary
Health Care-Now more than Ever” states that health systems need to respond
better-and-faster to the challenges of changing the world and primary health Care can do that.


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