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NGA Human Resources || PARINATI – Redefining Driving “Quality” in IT Service Management
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(April 10, 2019)

In Information Technology (IT) Services, Excellence is defined by providing uninterrupted services to clients and staying ahead in technology implementations. This means any interruption in services is referred as an Incident while any enhancement in the features is termed as change. An incident reflects cost to company while change is a revenue generator for the company. This article focuses on how the quality concepts of ITIL® Framework and Lean Six Sigma Tools & Techniques were extended to reduce the cost and improve overall revenue of the services provided to clients. The PDCA approach was adopted to build the model in the structure of “Define-Monitor- Improve” and ingrained various quality concepts within the model. The culture of excellence within the organization was built by integrating power of measures with Continuous Improvement.

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