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Process Improvement in the Manufacture of Metro Car Side Wall by Optimization of Welding Parameters
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(May 13, 2020)

The manufacture of indigenous metro car sidewall is a success story for BEML and has led to total self-reliance in the area of stainless steel car body manufacture. Sidewall is the backbone of a car body in which 90% of the components were imported from Korea. Our technology partner, Hyundai Rotem was not willing to part with the technology know-how for the manufacture of side walls. Indigenization of the side wall was taken up by BEML and several constraints were faced like – manufacturing of primary components, sub-assemblies, jigs & fixtures, handling tools for special DLT sheets, establishing stretch forming process, series spot welding of machines and establishment of welding process parameters, etc. The major quality issues encountered in this process were star bracket geometry, joggling problem and spot welding indentation. These problems have been effectively resolved by forming Quality Circles, KAIZEN and Six Sigma methodology with DOE technique. This has resulted in effective indigenization of the metro car side wall with improved productivity, superior quality, customer satisfaction and FE savings.

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