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Nothing Should Go Waste
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(May 16, 2020)

Waste to Energy is a Renewable and Clean energy resource and it has very strong positive trait, "Healthy Environment". The paper concentrates on problem of Municipal Solid Waste generation and the dumping of the waste in landfill. Mailhem had always been with the philosophy of "Nothing Should Go Waste". Hence, waste is considered as resource rather than a problem. Problem is analyzed and all alternative solutions are taken in account, Biogas generation through Anaerobic Digestion found to be appropriate solution. Mailhem has set up Biogas Plants of different capacities based on various substrates all over India and few abroad. These Biogas Projects are based on Mailhem's "Modified UASB Anaerobic Digester" Technology and the biogas generated is used for several applications such as cooking, heating and power generation. Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) has taken a lead in setting up of Decentralized Waste Treatment Projects all over the city. These decentralized waste treatment projects are biogas based power generation projects. Mailhem has been successfully operating such projects since 2010 and thus contributing to the Green Initiative taken by PMC for reducing Solid Waste Pollution & Green House Gas emission.

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