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(May 17, 2020)

Globally back-office processes are at an inflection point, moving from simple rule based transactions to those requiring decisions and judgments. Insurance claim confirmation is one of them. Members buy insurance policies from our client, face accidental losses and place claims. Some are accepted and others, rejected. Members re-present such rejected claims which come to us in India. These are complex requiring decisions and judgments. Typically, executives with limited domain knowledge and no on the job experience handle these. They also work in ‘clean-rooms’ where security concerns prohibit use of pen-paper-phone-internet. “Operational Excellence through accelerated Intuition building” is a unique process innovation to accelerate ‘expertise’ development in these inexperienced executives working under challenging conditions by simple application of Pattern Recognition, Artificial Intelligence, Positioning and Branding Theories to Back Office Operations and Building a Vocabulary of Patterns with Actions and Feelings.

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