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Application of Quality in Teachers’ Subject Knowledge Test (TSKT)
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(May 17, 2020)

In order to assess the subject competency of teachers of Satya Bharti Schools run by the Bharti Foundation on regular basis and to develop their training needs to update their knowledge, an appraisal system based on their subject knowledge and pedagogical skills, known as Teachers’ Subject Knowledge Test (TSKT) was introduced in the year 2009 to ensure contemporary development of their competencies and to motivate them to perform better. The TSKT is being held annually since then. It is mandatory for all teachers to appear for this test. The paper is designed according to the subjects taught in the primary and elementary schools. Analysis of the results of the TSKT is done using Statistical Tools and Techniques like Histogram, Box Plot, and Process Capability Analysis using packages like Minitab Statistical Software & Microsoft Excel which helps in bridging the gaps and indicates the departments to take further actions for improvements.

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