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Redefining Quality Standards in Basic Research Investigations by Broadening the Purview of GLP
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(May 17, 2020)

Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) has been developed to enhance quality standards, increase credibility, efficiency, transparency and productivity of research settings. Our research lab has improvised GLP concept to suit various ongoing research projects, even though none of these projects fall under the purview of GLP accreditation.

The system encourages goal driven, self proposed monthly master schedule of activities in consultation with the Study Director, using the combination of SOPs, DRSs and Master Schedule. The Quality Assurance (QA) conducts periodical audit of the progress, compliance and reproducibility of experiments. The data generated is filed in a defined format using a mandatory raw book, master code, calibrated instruments (with IQ, OQ, PQ), log sheets with continuously regulated infrastructure and room environment providing back up for each facility (including power outrage). This data and samples (if any) are archived in defined shelves or freezers as the case may be. This innovation has led to a system dependent technical and managerial procedures facilitating research audit control, document control, improving purchase and accounting procedures as well as human resource management besides delivery of patient care diagnostic services.

Such benchmarking seeks to fulfil the deficit in the publically funded Medical Institutes by modelling a self regulated and goal oriented quality system which can be followed by others in the country.

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