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Energy Efficiency Improvement Study in Chemical Industry Through Energy Management
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(May 19, 2020)

Energy and Environment has a crucial role in the development of a nation. In fact, growth in energy generation and equally, the carbon emission level has been extremely capital intensive and technologically difficult for the Third World countries. Even in the case of India, while electrification has taken place on a large scale, the growth in demand for energy has far outstripped the growth in installed capacities. The increase in energy intensive economic activities plays a crucial role. In Indian Industrial sector, Economic growth is desirable and energy is essential for economic growth along with reduction in carbon emission level. However the equation between economic growth and increased energy demand and increased pollution is not always a straight forward linear one. Every day becomes challenging for Indian Industrial sector in particular for Chemical manufacturing sector to comply with international requirements for reduction in carbon emission level requirements for International clients and competitive production cost. Due to increasing cost of energy, production cost of Indian Chemical manufacturing sector increases day by day at a large scale which has become a burning issue. Also increasing impacts in environment has become a vital factor for international business. Due to higher carbon emission level, it has become difficult to meet requirements and thus compete globally. Lack of awareness in fighting with increased energy cost and environmental impacts has created a bottle neck. At this point, the Role of Energy Management Consultants has become extremely useful to tackle these burning issues and make a paradigm shift in the business. This study was very successful for XYZ Chemical manufacturing unit based at Gujarat, where in our professional diagnosis was from detailed assessment to energy management for overall organizational effectiveness, and the consulting process helped to lower, whatever barriers to improvement were discovered. Effective implementation of consultation helped us to eliminate barriers as discussed earlier. This activity became a paradigm shift for XYZ Chemical manufacturing sector because it greatly helped to reduce energy costs, reduce environmental impacts and strengthen Energy Security of India.

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