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APC Optimization Methodology During Cyclic Operation An Innovative Approach
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(May 19, 2020)

Power plants designed for base load service are being increasingly required to operate in a cyclic mode due to new CERC norms; today’s energy market is imposing changes in conventional steam power plant units load curve and expects to run machines below technical minimum load. This Cyclic loading has imposed Great challenge to optimize the Auxiliary power. For this some innovative idea like Online APC monitoring and Guidance software are quite useful, and can monitor APC unit wise (percentage consumption of individual units are shown in Fig 1.1) as well as station wise and at the same Guiding time helpdesk operator to optimize Auxiliary power consumption (APC) DMAIC (DEFINE, MEASURE, ANALYSE, IMPROVE, CONTROL) approach has been adopted to identify problem using past performance DATA and key parameter effecting Power Plant Auxiliary Power Consumption especially at part load. For that DATA through PI and EMS for electrical components was collected and a Fitted line graph of the parameters was plotted.Fitted line graph of the parameters showed their linear relationship. Thereafter to obtain the coefficient, LINEAR REGRESSION was applied on the DATA. These linear relations obtained were used to plot a curve which was further used as guidance for the operator.

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