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CARE-EPIC - Strengthening Patient Care through Innovation in Nursing Care Records at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur
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(May 25, 2020)

Nursing documentation is an essential part of patient’s care and therefore, proper nursing documentation of patient's medical records is important which is required for evidence purpose also as indicated by professional standards. Inaccurate & incomplete data spread across various documents may lead to overlooking of significant information affecting the continuity of care and patient safety. It is because of this reason that the pattern of documentation done by the nurse deserves revisit periodically. Or else it may lead to inordinate accumulation of forms, most of which may add to redundancy, repetition and make it unwieldy for the staff. A re-thinking on optimization of Patient’s Care Records through implementation of "Lean" principles” in hospitals may well lead the organization to create real value by improving the following which ultimately help in improving the timely delivery of patient care services:

• Productivity

• Quality of care

• Effective time per patient per day

• Operational efficiency

• Cost optimization


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