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Newsprint Waste Reduction
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(May 25, 2020)

Newsprint is the major cost contributor among all consumables in the Newspaper printing process. We, at Jagran Prakashan are using 85% indigenous newsprint. Initially, after identification of the problem related to Newsprint Waste, a Continuous Improvement Group (CIG) – Newsprint (NP) was formed. The group worked for the improvement of processes in the organization and the project scope covered waste reduction in all Newsprint categories, viz. Print Waste, Reel-end Waste, Tear- off Waste and Sweep Waste. The team used the PDCA Cycle approach to identify the opportunities for improvement.

Data analysis was carried out using various Statistical Tools. After Pareto Analysis, it was found that Print, Reel-end and Tear-off wastes are the major contributors to the Newsprint waste. In order to know the causes leading to Print waste, a Cause and Effect Diagram was prepared which helped in locating the major causes. Likewise, 5 Why Analysis was used to determine the root causes for the Reel-end waste and Tear-off waste. Ideas were generated to improve the process and reduce the newsprint waste in all categories.

Acceptable ideas were implemented by the CIG - Newsprint team with the help of other departments and senior management. Control Charts were used to monitor the progress and the team tried to eliminate all assignable causes. Finally, the values were monitored with I-MR Charts to see whether the process continues to lie between the required specification limits. After implementing all the acceptable ideas, the result (Newsprint waste %) was compared with the base data (4.97%).

The team achieved improvement of 13.88% compared to the target of 10% reduction. Now efforts are made to monitor the process by using different tools to improve & sustain it. This case study would trace the journey in reduction of newsprint waste from 4.97 % to 4.28%.

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