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Physical Storage of Files in Medical Record Department- An Easy & Accountable Method
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(May 25, 2020)

The medical record department is an integral part of the hospital. The Medical record is a clinical, administrative and legal document relating to patient care services. The record contains the patient history, physical condition, investigation, line of treatment, daily progress and discharge/death summary. It provides information about the adequacy, quality and quantity of care provided to indoor patients. Storage, retention and retrieval of medical records are important constituents of medical record department. To ensure proper storage and shelving of files, various methods have been used by different healthcare organizations. Some corporate hospitals are in process of either digitalizing, Microfilming, Magnetic Disk Storage or Cloud Computing their medical records but majority of the hospitals retain them in their physical form. In physical form of storage, a big task is to physically verify whether all the files are placed in order, there are no misplaced files and during the MRD audit to ensure both of these. The present project was an effort to shelf and store the files in their physical forms in a manner in which physical verification of the files, looking for misplaced files (within MRD) and MRD audit become easy, more accurate and convenient.

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