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Quality Improvement in the Line Carton Product through Application of 7QC Tools
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(May 25, 2020)

Innovation at the workplace with involvement of Manpower and application of the Tools and Techniques are the key initiatives in any Manufacturing Plant for diagnosis and eliminationof the problems which Taguchi called Noise of business. Noises are variations that cause the deviations in Design or Process Parameters resulting in performance to deviate from its target values with Off-line and On-line Quality Engineering. Defects or deviations may be various starting Inputs, for example RM, PM, M/c and Output consisting of Finished Material, Packing, etc., but the most important step is the identification of Factors / Parameters which affect most the Cost of Production (Y) and also have the Social & Environment Impact.

This Project is undertaken on the Target of reducing various types of defects that occur in the Plant as long-term impending incidents happen almost everyday. The Project is framed by the plant people with a view to implement the Lean Manufacturing Techniques. This initiative was taken for the first time in the Indian Spice Industry. DS Management encouraged Implementation of Kaizen scheme in the organisation with the aim of seeking continuous Improvement and reduction of various Wastages in the Plant and Production Processes. The basic Techniques used for the Defects reduction are the 7QC Tools for Defects Identification & Data Analysis and supported by implementation of 5S, which is most important for Spices Industry where dust, i.e. material size in MS and mostly not identified by human eyes. There are remarkable changes of internal manpower are commitment for internal efficiency. We have done the project in a very simple way so that it could be understood by all people of the Plant – Technical and Non-Technical both.

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