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Transformation of Girl Students into Empowered Citizens
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(May 26, 2020)

In recent times, the empowerment of women has become the core issue to determine theirstatus in society. When Dr. B.M.N. College of Home Science was established, it formulated anoble Vision “Empowerment of Women through Quality in Education”. The aim is to make ouryoung girl students well-informed and confident citizens.

The purpose of this research paper is to study and analyze the successful attempts madeon a cross section of 372 girl students (of age group 18-21 years) by Smt. K.G. Shah Departmentof Computer Applications under Dr. B.M.N. College of Home Science. In the year 2011-12 thisgroup included FYBCA: 116, SYBCA: 129, TYBCA: 127; in 2012-13 SYBCA: 105, TYBCA: 127 andin 2013-14 TYBCA: 105.

The spotlight was to be on two distinct dimensions of Empowerment i.e., Social andFinancial. Various SGA (Small Group Activities) were conducted to identify the root causes.

The thrust areas identified were:

• Social Empowerment: Education, Science and Technology, Health, Nutrition, Drinking Water

and Sanitation, Environment, and Students in Difficult Circumstances

• Financial Empowerment: Physical Wellbeing, Professional Growth and Educational Assistance.

Positive Results

• 51% increase in placements

• 69% increase in participation and 31% increase in winning in various competitions

• 25% increase in completing NSS Tenure

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