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Engineering Conservation of Earthquake Affected Wagh Mandir: A Stone Masonry Palace and Temple
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(May 27, 2020)

Wagh Mandir is a 100 years old monument. It was Constructed as a palace & later used as a Government office. The structure witnessed two major natural calamities, heavy flood caused due to failure of earthen Machhu Dam in 1979 and later during earthquake in 2001when it got badly devastated. The structure was in ruined state for almost 8 years. Cost of reconstruction would be close to 1000 crores. Repairs and conservation was the only option hence the government did not have the intent of spending the money due to the cost- benefit analysis. As it had a great social impact on the moral of the Morvi people therefore the Royal family of Morvi contributed for it to be used as a dynamic museum for arts and crafts of Saurashtra.

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