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Capacity Improvement of a Bulk Drug Product
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(May 29, 2020)

In order to meet the customer demands of bulk drug product* manufactured at Lupin Mandideep, the plant throughput was increased significantly from 10.0 MT to 11.0 MT per month.

This is a large plant consists of 12 stages spread over 3 blocks, 70 reactors, 6 centrifuges, 5 WFE and a hydrogenation plant. The plant is operated by 97 permanent and 92 contract workers in 3 shifts, 7 days a week.

The project followed LEAN approach and wherever required DMAIC tools were used. Detailed VSM (Value Stream Map) was made with cycle time at each step. Based on which Takt time required for bottleneck operations was identified by three level drill down. Step wise capacity
• Equipment wise capacity
• Process wise capacity
Each bottleneck was discussed in detail with cross functional team which comprises the Process Development, process engineering and Production teams to identify the VA/NVA. Pilot was done with identified themes to eliminate/reduce the NVA. Pilot was done with identified theme from Mar’15 to May’15.

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