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Dental Aesthetics and Its Impact on Psycho- Social Well-being and Self-Confidence
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(May 30, 2020)

The aim of the study was to evaluate the level of satisfaction perceived by the subjects in their dental appearance and to compare it with various attitudes and practices, which may affect social and psychological behavior and dental self-confidence. This was a questionnaire based on crosssectional study done at our Multi-specialty NABH Accredited Dental Clinic. 62 patient survey forms were evaluated. Questions were pooled in from various components of Psychosocial Impact of Dental Aesthetics questionnaire (PIDAQ) for various attitudes and practices. Quantitative analysis was done using descriptive analysis and Chi square test using MS Excel. Data Analysis was done on the basis of difference in a patient’s perception regarding their dental health before treatment and post treatment. The results of the survey revealed significant relationship between dental health and socio-psychological well-being of a patient. It reveals how dental health affects a patient in various situations faced in daily life. Results have been discussed in details, providing a clear insight into a patient’s thought process

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