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Increasing Diagnosis of Fetal Genetic Abnormalities by Improved Training, Stringent Scanning Protocols, High End Equipment, Aneuploidy Risk Analysis Software, Genetic Counselling and Invasive Testing
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(June 5, 2020)

Fetal Genetic abnormalities, Physical abnormalities, Mental retardation diagnosis are easily missed during antenatal scans and if detected are not correctly diagnosed by Karyotyping in majority of Hospitals.

Project SMART FETUS was implemented to tackle all the issues related to this misdiagnosis. The project identified the problems which were the causes of the misdiagnosis. These were lack of proper Dedicated Radiologists, Dedicated Sonography Equipment, Software For Aneuploidy Risk Assessment, Continuous Training and Certification Courses in Fetal Medicine, Properly Timed Antenatal Scans, Adequate Time for Level 3 Scans, Extensive Scanning Protocols, Elaborate Documentation, Final Risk Assessment for Aneuploidy, Counseling, Karyotyping and finally proper Diagnosis.

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