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Using Text Analytics Solutions with Small to Medium Sized Manufacturers: Lessons Learned
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(July 20, 2020)

As Smart Manufacturing becomes more prevalent throughout industry, manufacturers are continuing to look for ways to more efficiently apply advanced data analysis methods to improve their decision processes. One promising area for improving decision making is through the use of natural language processing (NLP) methods on text-based data in maintenance. Maintenance personnel often capture important information on the problems and repairs throughout the manufacturing facility in informal text. This information is key to improving maintenance decisions, such as scheduling, dispatching, diagnosis, and inventory management, but is difficult to access due to the informal and domain specific nature of the text. Methods are available to aid manufacturers with parsing through this information, however small-to-medium sized manufacturers (SMMs) still have issues in implementing NLP solutions in practice. To this end, this paper discusses lessons learned in applying a NIST developed methodology to SMMs maintenance data.


Credit: This Publication has been written for and published in Journal of research of NIST.

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