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Health, Wellness, Ageing Are Unique Concept Of Rasayana
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(August 29, 2020)

Diet & digestion are specialties of Ayurveda and play an enormous role in any self-healing program

Ayurveda, as a system  of medicine, has a vast conceptual canvas and  framework  that   not only prescribes treatment for  diseases but  through the  various  Rasayana  programmes  and therapies  designated , shows the way  how to tackle  the  subject of health , wellness  and ageing .

This  is  unequivocally  evident in Charak Samhita (written by Charak  - the father of ancient Indian medicine). The first section of the book starts with the chapter on  Longevity  and elaborates  on ways to remain healthy  through prescribed regimens of Diet , lifestyle and ethical and moral conduct . Interestingly   even  the  later  section  dealing with treatment  of various diseases starts with   Rasayana  and  Virilification  - thereby emphasising the importance of immunity  and  rejuvenation   .

Ever  growing  levels of  stress  and anxiety  can induce conditions which  include everything from hypertension and infertility to depression and even aging  process  thus reducing the quality of life.   The  Ayurveda treatment  thus planned  under Rasayana ,  is for  restoring the disturbed mechanism  through personalized wellness and healthy living programs involving wellness and regeneration experience .  

As a therapeutic process  Rasayana  is concerned with the conservation, transformation, and revitalization of energy. The traditional approach to diet, daily regime, medicines  for rejuvenation and herbal oil treatments provides the model for the rejuvenation program.

Diet & digestion are specialties of Ayurveda and they also play an enormous role in any self-healing program. It is  important  to understand the relationship between one's  body, digestion, and food -

* How to use  food medicinally
* Manage, design and create an effective diet for   self   healing
* Perspectives on food allergies, parasites, and the effect of food on emotions.

Though Rasayana term covers a broad spectrum of activity, each Rasayana has a specific tissue affinity and target action. The tissue specific action of various botanical dugs is helpful in selection of appropriate Rasayana for a particular patient. There are certain organ and tissue specific Rasayana such as Medhya Rasayana for the brain, Hridya Rasayana for the heart, Twachya Rasayana for the skin, and Chakshusya Rasayana for the eyes. Similarly, they may be age specific as they promote nutrition relevant to natural bio-losses occurring at different phases of human life.

Rasayana drugs are rich in antioxidants and are good hepatoprotective, nephroprotective, and immunomodulating agents.

The  Rasayan programmes are not only delivered through  therapies  like   panchakarma ( Detox program )  or medication or diet ,they are  also achieved through acts of compassion  kindness and gratitude  along with  Positive activity interventions  for a holistic  approach  .

Regimens designed to avert the distinct or not so distinct damages caused by ageing are a part of the Rasayana therapy and  focus on a proactive preventative  approach to Health  and wellness  which encourages healthy ageing  rather than  a disease driven approach .

Age  management  treatment and therapies  of Rasayana -  for  joint pain, arthritis, overweight/obesity, high cholesterol, memory loss, anxiety, depression)  are  able to  provide lifestyle improvement and health maintenance .These   should always be  considered  through professionally administered services and programmes.

The general  understanding  in the public today is   that to get benefits of Rasayana  and panchakarma  programs ( Detox programmes )  one has to be in  a wellness retreat or a spa   . While this is very helpful   in extreme cases where  wrong  habits  and behavioural patterns  will not and  do not change  while continuing in the environment that  doesn't support the  objectives for a positive outcome. The Rasayana programmes  can be easily devised to suit the  home environment  simply by following  a set of rules  with  self care  and  self responsibility.

Patients who  remain  disciplined  and understand the importance of  remaining in line with the  daily Circadian  rhythm , Diet , nutrition and lifestyle  that are a significant factor in long term health benefits  ,  can achieve the Rasayana effect with  initial supervision and guidance  of an expert .
Patients  experience  changes in their  health  and vitality  and are able to cope  and manage stress ; show improved mental  sharpness   and sleep quality ; have good  control  on their mind , behaviour , weight  ,physical strength  and muscle tone.

And in the ultimate sense an Enhanced health and wellness.


Author: Dr Deepika Ganju Gunawant, Senior Consultant Ayurveda And Wellness At Max Multi Specialty Medcentre