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VOL 11.09: Development of Positive Performance Indicators
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(September 15, 2020)

The use of classical industrial safety techniques, including the accident prevention strategies formulated on the basis of accident investigation or of various accident sequence models (Heinrich, 1980), routine safety inspections etc. have reached the limit of their effectiveness. A variety of measures used in classical industrial safety to evaluate and measure the safety performance are reactive, being calculated on the basis of accident consequences of the accidents we have not been able to prevent.

Examples quoted previously include lost time injuries, first aid injuries or medical treatment injuries, as well as restricted duty injuries. The System Safety approach focuses on the preventive measures, without waiting for occupational accidents to happen and for occupational diseases to develop. This is connected with the effort to develop predictive measures of occupational safety and health performance and related safety management techniques. One of these techniques, and a very powerful one, is safety auditing, i.e. auditing of the critical range of the accident prevention processes.



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