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VOL 21.21: Reskill the skillers
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(September 19, 2020)

Today, the survival of many organizations depends on their plans to leverage cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technologies to transform their workplaces into augmented environments.

A recent IBM study found that, as a result of AI and intelligent automation, millions of workers will need to develop new skills or even be transitioned out of companies to different jobs in the next three years. Half of the surveyed organizations had done little to rethink their training strategies to respond to this urgency.

For that digital transformation to happen, organizations must avoid the costly “buy, not build” talent strategy that involves opting for expensive new hires instead of retraining their current employees.

Instead, as 2020 kicks off, they need to launch a reskilling revolution that places their employees at the centre of the digital transformation, focuses on them as human beings with unique capabilities and helps them to collaborate with new technologies.



Published by:  D. L. Shah Trust, Mumbai

Edited by: Mr. Hari Taneja, Trustee, D.L. Shah Trust

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