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VOL 21.19: Business transformation: How to lead effectively
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(September 19, 2020)

How can businesses transform successfully? What should the priorities be and how should leadership interact with employees?

Without question the biggest obstacle to corporate transformation is underestimating the work effort required. It is relatively easy to suggest or ask for change at the strategic level. However, the transformation in practical terms is rarely translated very well to a tactical level and then even less so moving on to the operational level. There is a lot more to consider as you translate the change from idea, to practical roll-out and then to the people level. Another issue is that change is often driven by numbers or processes at the expense of the people who make it happen. Financial due diligence is a prerequisite and smart thing to do but very rarely is a proper cultural due diligence process carried out. Who am I dealing with? How will they really respond to the needed changes? Who can I rely on as my guiding coalition? Who and where is my key talent, and how do we protect them through this disruption? What is the expected cultural response going to be?



Published by:  D. L. Shah Trust, Mumbai

Edited by: Mr. Hari Taneja, Trustee, D.L. Shah Trust

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