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VOL 11.07: Is it necessary to provide education and training for workplace safety?
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(September 19, 2020)


With the many technological inventions used in industry there is an increasing need for employee work related education and training to be able to do the work safely. Many accidents occur when people are new to a workplace if education is not provided on how to work safely.

The following is an example from Australia. As part of giving public service and helping the next generation to learn about working in industry a 15 year old college student was provided with work experience at Tho Services Limited. This student was given a visitors induction at the workplace. The work that the student was asked to do was welding, but he was not given any education or training on how to wear the supplied welding helmet or told about the need to pull down the eye protection visor to protect his eyes while he was welding, so he did the welding with no eye protection. This resulted in the work experience student receiving flash burns to his eyes and losing part of his vision permanently in both eyes (Supreme Court New South Wales, 2016; ABC, 2016). The student now requires visual aids for the rest of his life, he cannot play football or cricket which he previously enjoyed doing as he now cannot see the ball, his future employment prospects are limited and his quality of life is decreased. The employing company was fined $240,000 by Safe Work New South Wales for breaching section 32/19(1) of the Work Health and Safety Act 2011. The company owners could not pay this amount so the company went into liquidation and all employees lost their job at this company (Supreme Court New South Wales, 2016; ABC. 2016).



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