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VOL 11.08: The Benefits of Incident / Accident Investigation
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(September 19, 2020)

This article provides a guide for people new to workplace accident investigations to use when there is a need to investigate an accident to identify the cause, contributing factors and make recommendations to prevent accidents with the same, or similar causes for occurring in the workplace. It begins by identifying the benefits of investigating accidents, determining what accidents should be investigated, who should conduct the investigation, when the investigation should be conducted, where to investigate and what to investigate. The article concludes with how to make recommendations for corrective actions to prevent the contributory factors that lead to the unsafe conditions and unsafe act. A valuable part of this article is the Supervisor’s accident investigation report template that includes common accident causes and suggested corrective measures.



Published by:  D. L. Shah Trust, Mumbai

Edited by: Mr. Hari Taneja, Trustee, D.L. Shah Trust

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