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VOL 21.16: How to Improve New Product Introduction (NPI) in Three Steps Institutionalize, automate, and implement Quality 4.0
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(September 24, 2020)

How can industrial and manufacturing enterprises achieve better new product introduction (NPI), a critical element of operational excellence? Corporate goals of improving market share and revenue, maintaining competitive differentiators, and improving customer experiences are especially challenging when developing and launching new products—making it vitally important that NPI is seamless and high quality. Despite significant investment in NPI, a startling 44 percent of new products fail to meet most NPI success criteria.

Manufacturers and industrials face three key challenges:

  • Organizational and data siloes, with little collaboration among increasingly complex supplier networks.
  • Core process deficiencies, as shown by key performance metrics, even as solutions are within reach
  • Outdated or poorly integrated operations and quality systems, and data sources




Sponsored by: D. L. Shah Trust

Edited by: Mr Hari K Taneja, Trustee, D. L. Shah Trust

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