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VOL 21.11: Eight Habits of Balanced Leaders
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(September 24, 2020)

Leave your work on your table. It will be there waiting for you in the morning.

While I was facilitating a retreat for a group of 15 men at Tata Steel in Kolkata, all in their late 30s and 40s, all high-level executives and all high achievers, an interesting topic arose. One of the men asked for help dealing with his wife, who was complaining he worked too much. He wanted help in getting her to understand that she was being unreasonable since the reason he was always working was to provide for his family.

He got sympathy from several, but fortunately for him there were a couple of balanced leaders in the group who challenged him. They pointed out that his family needed more from him than to take care of them—that this family needed him to be with them. They told him quite frankly that his marriage was in trouble... and it wasn’t up to his wife to change.





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