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VOL 10.21: Leadership and Safety
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(September 30, 2020)

A good leader has the best interest of his followers in mind.

I once took a business owner to task about work place safety at his engineering shop, he reminded me that he was a good leader because his men produced and the business made money. After talking with some employees during their lunch break, I found out this business owner was almost a tyrant, never listened to concerns about safety from the men, only purchased the most rudimentary PPE and equipment, just sufficient for the employees to do their work.

Meeting again with the owner, I advised him that he was a good business man, but a bad leader, because he only achieved productivity through threats and intimidation, and that morale for the employees did not exist, I advised him to attend a leadership course, which he did, and sometime later rang me to apologize, I told him the apology needed to go to his employees. I returned some months later, and it was a different work shop, the employees seemed happier, and the owner said since he put changes into place for them, production increased, time off decreased and they had very few injuries. The moral to the story, do not assume you are a good leader because you think so, challenge yourself, get some leadership training.




Published by : D. L. Shah Trust

Edited by : Mr Hari K Taneja, Trustee, D. L. Shah Trust

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