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The Organisation

The Quality Council of India shall function through the Governing Body and other executive bodies (Boards/Committees) for implementing the strategy, policy and operational guidelines set out by the Governing Council with a view of achieving international acceptance and recognition.

  • The Governing Council (GC)

    • The Governing Council of QCI was initially constituted by the government as a part of the Cabinet decision of 1996. The initial constitution was of 31 members, with equal representatives of Government, Industry and other stakeholders. Presently, the Governing Council comprises of 38 members. Every member has one vote in the Governing Council.
    • The Governing Council shall be the apex level body responsible for formulating the strategy, general policy, constitution and monitoring of various components of QCI including the Accreditation Boards with the objective of ensuring transparent and credible accreditation system.
    • The Governing Council is headed by Chairperson, QCI.
    • The Governing Council, through a Governing Body will monitor the progress of activities of the respective boards.
  • The Governing Body (GB)

    • The affairs of QCI are be administered, directed and controlled (as stated in the "Rules and Regulations") by the Governing Body.
    • The Governing Body has 21 members from various stakeholders. It has representations from organizations working in quality domain, industry and the government.
    • The Governing Body manages all the affairs and funds of QCI and has authority to exercise all the powers subject, nevertheless in respect of expenditure, to such limitation as the Government of India may from time to time impose.
    • The Governing Body has the power to frame amend or repeal bye laws not inconsistent with the rules for the administration and management of the affairs of QCI as per the provisions contained in Rules & Regulations.
  • Finance Committee (FC)

    • The Finance Committee is a separate entity and is responsible for Governance of Finance & Accounts functions and report it to the Governing Body.
  • Accreditation Boards (ABs) and Quality Promotion Board

Quality Council of India : Structure of QCI

Administrative Structure

Administrative Structure Quality Council of India : Structure of QCI

Governance Structure

Governance Structure