HR & Administration

Names of the important Office bearers

  Name Designation Email
1. Mr. Jaxay Shah Chairperson
2 Dr. Ravi P. Singh Secretary General
3 Mr. Rajesh Maheshwari CEO,NABCB
4 Dr. Atul Mohan Kochhar CEO,NABH
5 Mr. N. Venkateswaran CEO, NABL
6 Dr. Aishvarya Raj CEO,NBQP
7 Dr. Manish Pande Director (HOD, PADD)
8 Mr. Subroto Ghosh Sr. Advisor (In- Charge PPID)
9 Mr. Alok Jain Director,(HOD, TCB Cell)
10 Dr. Hari Prakash Director, PPID(CPIO)
11 Mr. Santanu Saha Director(Finance & Accounts)
12 Mr. H. B. Chawla Technical expert, F&A
13 Mr. Kuldeep Kaul Principal Advisor  (Finance & Accounts)
14 Dr. Sunil Kumar Mishra Director, (HOD, RACB)
15 Mr. Sanjay Singh HOD,M & PC
16 Dr. Ramanand N. Shukla  Director, (HOD, ZED)
17 Dr. Manish Kumar Jindal  In-charge- HR. & Admin and Chief Ethics Officer (Ethics cell)
18 Dr. Rupinder Kaur Kang Deputy Director(HR. &  Admin) 


Powers & Functions of Authorities


The Chairperson, QCI is a non-executive head of the organization and Chairs the Governing Council and the Governing Body of QCI
(details mentioned in clause 2.1 of S & F Manual).

Secretary General

  • The Secretary General shall act as the Member Secretary of the Society as per the provision of the Societies Registration Act.
  • The Secretary General shall function as the Chief Executive Officer of Quality Council of India and shall have all the executive powers to supervise and manage the technical, administrative and financial functions of the Council as per the rules of Council.
  • The Secretary General shall, subject to the provisions of rules and decisions of the Governing Body, exercise general supervision and administrative control over the officers and staff of QCI including delineating their duties and functions.
  • The Secretary General shall coordinate and exercise professional leadership in respect of all activities of QCI.
  • The Secretary General shall be the appointing authority for various positions in QCI.
  • The Secretary General may also delegate his/her powers to officers subordinate to him/her for administrative, financial, legal matters and other issues, as and when the need arises or it is considered absolutely necessary


Each board is headed by a Chief Executive Officer (CEO) who is responsible for its technical and administrative functions.

Disciplinary and Appellate Authorities

Categories of Officers/Staff of QCI Disciplinary Authority (DA) Appellate Authority (AA)
Below the level of CEO / HOD CEO / HOD Secretary General
CEO / HOD Secretary General Chairperson
Secretary General Chairperson, QCI Governing Body


Salary Structure

QCI follows cost to company (CTC) pattern for all staff appointed against sanctioned posts by creating certain slabs/Pay Grades having minimum and maximum range of Basic Pay for various ranks/ posts/designations given below:



Basic Pay per month

(rounded off) in Rs.


Technical Staff

Secretary General

1,87,500 - 3,37,500 

CEO of the Boards


Sr. Director

1,13,750 - 2,00,000


1,02,500 - 1,75,000

Joint Director

91,800- 1,62,000 

Deputy Director

67,500 -1,35,000 

Assistant Director

45,900 -1,01,250

Accreditation Officer

41,600 -78,000

Executive Officer

36,400 -78,000 

Executive Officer –Trainee

28,600 -62,000

Non- Technical Staff (Financial & Administrative)

Sr. Director

1,13,750  - 2,00,000 


1,02,500 - 1,75,000 

Jt. Director/ Jt. Programme Manager

91,800 - 1,62,000

Dy. Director/ Dy. Programme Manager

67,500 -1,35,000

Assistant Director / Executive Secretary to SG/ Sr. Programme Officer

45,900 -1,01,250

Accounts Officer /Admin. Officer / Programme Officer

36,400  - 78,000 

Sr. Accountant/ Sr. Executive Asst./ Sr. Programme Assistant

29,900 - 65,000 

Accountant/Executive Asst. / Programme Assistant

24,700 - 48,100 

Sr. Office Asst.

21,450 -43,550 

Office Asst.

18,200 -36,400 


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