RTI Cell

As per the provisions of RTI Act, QCI has constituted RTI Cell mandated with the following activities:

  • Coordinate all the work relating to implementation of RTI Act in QCI.
  • Serve as the nodal point for receiving applications and appeals physically as well as online and forward it to the concerned Board / Division / Department / Appellate Authority within QCI.
  • Serve as the nodal point for responding the application(s) / appeal(s) after receiving the required information from concerned Board / Division / Department.
  • Coordinate matters relating to Central Information Commission (CIC) in terms of hearing, orders and other matters related to QCI.
  • Any other work related to the RTI Act.

The composition of the cell is as under

Member Role Email 

Dr. R. P. Singh, Secretary General

Appellate Authority


Dr. Hariprakash, Director, PPID-QCI



Sh. Jagminder Kataria, Deputy Director

Assistant CPIO


Ms. Shilpa Khanna, AO, NABET-QCI

Support Staff



RTI Information

RTI Quarterly Return Information System

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